FEAR … was “like poison running through my veins”…


Fear is such a horrible invention.

Evil and Fear are two sides of the same coin. One can’t exist without the other.

Fear rules this planet. Fear controls the human race. Yet fear is only an illusion.

Fear is NOT real.

It has no physical existence unless we allow it to possess us.
It has no power unless we hand over our power to it.
It has no place in our mind unless we allow it to echo there.
It has no voice unless we allow it to speak.
It has no heartbeat unless we allow it to hold there.
It has no place in our spirit unless we allow it to grow there.

Fear is impotent unless we give it life.

Religion is only fear.
War is only fear.
Bigotry is only fear.
Prejudice is only fear.
Politics is only fear.
Political Correctness is only fear.

Mix them with a serve of ignorance and you give them life.

Fear + Ignorance = Control!


It is said that the solution to fear is faith. Faith is just fear viewed through a mirror.

Respect is the solution to fear.

Respect yourself and you won’t do foolish, dangerous or irresponsible things.
Respect others and you won’t hurt them.
Respect creatures and you won’t exploit or harm them.
Respect this planet and you won’t damage it.
Respect the universe and you will feel alive.

My dogs don’t fear my commands, they respect them.
True, they ignore them some times but that’s a “choice” that they make and any negative consequence of that choice is their doing.

‘Fear God’ they say.
It really translates as ‘respect’ God. Any ‘god’ that needs our fear is no ‘god’ at all… it’s just a man made lie.

‘Fear your mother and father’ they say.
Again, it really translates as ‘respect’ your parents. Respect their words, respect their life experience, respect their individuality, respect their uniqueness, respect their choices and they should in turn do the same for you.

It’s almost impossible to see it or acknowledge it when we are being limited, controlled, imprisoned by fear. Almost…
I recently wrote this as I came to realise why I had stayed in my former job for 15 years…

“Over a year ago we went away to Lakes Entrance and I realised that my life, in particular my work, had made me into a frog dying in water that was slowly getting hotter and hotter without it knowing. So why am I still there?

Am I afraid?
What am I afraid of?
Am I afraid of losing a job that I hate?
Am I afraid of having no income? (Yes to that one)
Am I afraid of not getting another job because of my age? (Yes to that one)
Am I afraid to stand up and be heard, even though I am in agony because I am NOT being heard?
Am I afraid of change?
Am I afraid of failure?
Am I too gutless to say NO to what I am being forced into?
Am I afraid we will lose the house?
Am I just weak? (I would not still be alive today if that were true)
Am I afraid of letting others down? (I know that one of the lessons from all this is NOT TO PLAY THE MARTYR anymore!)
Am I just afraid that I am kidding myself and the Universe will not provide for me? (Blind fool, the Universe has ALWAYS provided for me, and protected me, even from myself and my own desires sometimes).

Does my partner want me to stay there and keep suffering? (Definitely not)
Do I deserve to keep suffering there, doing a job I now hate, in a company that has never truly valued me as a person, my skills, my contributions, my work ethic, my ideas, my sacrifice? (No, absolutely not, any karmic debt in that way has been well and truly paid off).

It seems that the answer is actually clear through all this … it is FEAR … I AM AFRAID!

Afraid? When I KNOW that my entire life, all the good and all the bad, has been carefully orchestrated and guided by the Universe and the spirits and angels that surround me always? Why still afraid?”
The saying that ‘no man is an island’ is very true here.
We need others to help us open our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our hearts to accept, our minds to acknowledge and our spirits to stand against … fear.

Define your fear, stand up, look it in the face, then walk right through it.

From the outside, fear is, simply, nothing but a word that has no resonance anymore; a dead, false, pointless word.

Only when we break free of fear, can we see and feel what it has done to us.

Don’t allow it to control you.


Fear is a lie!



©Michael Young 2017

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