Tantrums and Towers

Tantrums and Towers.
Twisting and Turning Truth and Freedom into Lies and Slavery.
Why would anyone Question, why would anyone Doubt, the Collusion, in the Blanket of Dust and Lies that descends over the World.  Smoke and Mirrors, where there’s Smoke, there’s surely a Fire.
Bring them All down, the Numbers all align in the Emergency, they must stay Controlled.

The Blue Lightning strikes …1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in quick succession. Layer, upon layer, upon layer, the Blood Sacrifice will only serve to strengthen their Self-Serving powerplay.
Pointing their fingers in the Wrong Direction.  The Scapegoat was in agreement, the Deal was struck long before the Execution, the Players were carefully, strategically positioned, to playout their Scripted parts in
this Hollywood Illusion, this Slight of Hand.

The incessant Chanting and Beating of their Chests distracts the Millions, increasing the Fear hour by hour, to intensify the Heavy Energy of their Distraction. There is no Limit to what they will do to maintain their grip, over the Sleeping Masses, no cost too great to stop the Gift from being Given, to deny the Freedom that was legally, rightfully Won.

Follow the Money, it’s always, all about the money, even though the money is of no more True Value or substance than paper blowing in the wind.  And about the Power that is Stolen, Unlawful, and Undeserved.

The whispers grow into a roar but the masses choose to buy into the Illusion.  They willingly surrender their Freedom for Fear and Domination in the name of a False Security and the Lie that is less painful to believe than the Brutal Truth… the true Evil is on the Inside, smiling so convincingly as he lies to All, even to Himself, perpetuating the Narrative that was Scripted, Delivered beforehand, and Performed by the Puppets with Soulless Conviction.

The unwitting are still unwilling now that the Storyline has changed, but the Writer and Director remain the same… behind the scenes they keep churning out the Dreamspell. They must have your Compliance, they must have your Free Will, they must have your Worship or they will cease to exist.

NOTHING they show you is Real, unless you CHOOSE to believe it and give it Substance and Weight and Credence and Honour.

CHOOSE to Question.  BREAK the Spell. 
Bring Them Down.  Set YOURSELF Free!

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