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I love proofreading, I just can’t help myself. Every time I read a book I must have a pen with me to circle all the errors I find!


Proofreading and editing is my β€˜day job’.Β  I would love to help you with any form of writing you are working on so please EMAIL ME to make first contact and I will send you info on my highly competitive rates:


Prices will vary according to word count of document and timeframe for completion.

Michael Young

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Designated Survivor


My other favourite new show of 2016, apart from Riverdale, was DESIGNATED SURVIVOR.Β  Had me hooked from the start and I was thrilled when it received a full season.

Now the team is back for Season 2, minus Aussie actor Ashley Zukerman (Rush & The Code), and it’s still brilliant.Β  Kiefer Sutherland and all the cast are brilliant and makes it even more engaging than my old political favourite, Madam Secretary.

9 Champagnes out of 10.

DS 1



I was sceptical when they announced the return of previous hit WILL & GRACE which previously survived for 8 Seasons from the late 1990’s.Β  I didn’t need to be … this is a winner for season 9.

Will, Grace, Jack & Karen are back with a vengeance.Β  Fast, sharp, whity, sarcastic, politically incorrect, and just damn good fun.Β  They don’t look a day older than we last saw them and the energy and talent they put into every episode is amazing.Β  I miss Rosario.

9 Champagnes out of 10.

WG 1