SONIC SCREWDRIVER Giveaways and Promo Material


During my five years of Creative Fire focussed on SONIC SCREWDRIVER MAGAZINE, from 2008 to 2012, I also created a range of Giveaways that went out with Sonics and other Promo Items through Vistaprint.  I became quite an expert at their products as a result.  This was at a time when their prices were more affordable and they offered a lot of “Buy one, get one free” options as well.    NOTE: All contacts are now Invalid except for ones.

They are, in order of appearance: 

Big postcards (A5) front and back | Notebooks | Bookmarks | Caps | Desk calendars | Keyrings |

Large magnets (A6) | Postcards (A6) front and back | Membership postcards | Rack cards (DL) |

Small magnets | Wall calendars | Window decals

Click one Image to view as Gallery:


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