After much fuss and confusing promotion, STARGATE: Origins has started to be shown.  What initially excited me because it sounded like a new series of Stargate, turned out to be a collection of around ten-minute-long mini-eps that are only available by subscribing to the site Stargate Command for $20 every three months.  Not AT ALL what I was hoping for.


There has been massive conflict on fan-related pages between those who only want to say positive things about it to kiss ass to the creators/network/studio and those of us who need to “tell it like it is” about what we have been served up. 

Comments have even been made by people who stand to gain something from this creation, including SG1 star Christopher Judge, that the fan response needs to be positive, and a negative response could harm the future prospects of a new full series of Stargate.

If they are seriously looking at a new series then they finance a “pilot”. Of course, this also may be a pilot that has been put online to deliberately get feedback from part of the expected audience. However, when that gets tied into how many subscribe to view it… and of course, the majority of Stargate viewers will have no idea that it even exists, so won’t respond… that gives it no hope of success in my view.

Then, looking at it as if I was the Studio or Network, I would be demanding the replacement of at least three in the cast who don’t fit their parts, and I would also demand it be rewritten to fit in with the “canon”. For it to be REAL Stargate it can’t just dump the past for the sake of their story idea… often people say “don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story”… that can’t be done in a franchise like this or the fans and past viewers… the target audience… will not accept it or watch it.

They all know that, so my question is… “Why would they do it this way?”.

The answer should be obvious… they are planning this to fail so they can use it to justify not paying for a full new series.  Reality is they would have to compete with the exceptional new relaunch of STAR TREK called DISCOVERY and this current “pilot” is greatly inferior.

But only time will tell…

All these things also need to be said for the future to turn out the way we all want, it would be more destructive to just say it is all fabulous when it really isn’t.

Just my opinion, but as valid as any other, surely?

What has been served up is very “half-baked” and ultimately will do damage to the Stargate franchise.



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