Sonic Screwdriver #175 ~ Nov 2009



Another variety-packed Issue. Also has the very first Separate Fan Comic of Manuel Bouw’s amazing work.

I say in the Editorial for this Issue: “…it takes forever to get these Sonic Screwdriver Magazines completed … But I love doing them, particularly when I hold the first printed colour copy in my hand … that makes me so, so very proud … where else could I have created so many magazine works-of-art without ever doing a relevant course in my entire life??? Just imagine what I could do if I had done training!!!” Well, now I realise that any Course I could have done would only have made something easier or quicker, but also put imaginary limits and restrictions on my creativity that would make my work more like “someone else’s work”… the best Training I could ever have is exactly what I had… this magazine and eventually I went on to create AVA ORION MEDIA where I have, so far, made it possible for 17 amazing books to be ‘out there’, ‘self-published’, and the writers have felt the Magic of ‘holding their published book in their hand’! It is Miraculous! 

DOWNLOAD the Magazine to View as Two Page View with Show Cover Page Separately for best viewing experience:

SONIC SCREWDRIVER #175 also included MANUEL BOUW’s Original Fan Comic 1.1 ~ The Lord Of Time:

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