Launch day


SO, I get up yesterday morning, turn on my laptop so I can post the launch of this new site … but the laptop decides it is doing a MAJOR update that will take 2 hours! WHAT? I’m supposed to launch my site in 30 minutes! Don’t panic … remember, there is always a solution… 🤔

After about 15 minutes I realise I could use the old laptop to get onto FB, but, of course, it runs VERY slow and I have no idea what my FB password is since it automatically logs in on my good laptop. I try anyway.
Eventually, I work it out, log in… and wait … it decides to be really slow … 😦

I must persist … I must get this page launched and I will NOT be held to ransom by typical crap 21st Century technology! 😠

So I persisted… and I launched (only a few minutes behind schedule)… and I hope you enjoy the page… and the new laptop finally just finished updating an hour later … 🙂

Yes, there IS a solution to every problem … just breathe, think, and go for it! 🤗🤩

Below are the posts that I shared on Facebook to promote the launch:


Announce 1

Announce 2

Announce 3

Announce 4

Announce 5

Announce 6

Announce 7




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