Sonic Scewdriver #181/182 ~ May 2011



What an amazing issue this is. With the tragic death of Elisabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney so close together, it certainly was the End Of An Era, so we did this double edition for farewell SARAH JANE SMITH and the BRIGADIER. We also have Exclusive Interviews with Colin Baker and John Leeson.    

To top it all off, we have an interview with… Me!  I was interviewed by our regular contributor Jack of All Trades, and for those who were “on the inside” they know how miraculous that was. This section also includes a page of all the amazing free giveaways and other items I created through Vistaprint… when they used to be inexpensive.  

DOWNLOAD the Magazine to View as Two Page View with Show Cover Page Separately for best viewing experience:

SONIC SCREWDRIVER #181/182 also included MANUEL BOUW’s Original Fan Comic 1.7 ~ The Shroud Ultimatum:

The Giveaways and other stuff so far…


This was included as well, but sent out EARLY with the Original Fan Comic:

And this Convention announcement also sent out early with the Original Fan Comic, and this was the Convention where we interviewed Colin Baker and John Leeson:


Previous Issue of SONIC SCREWDRIVER:  #180    Next Issue of SONIC SCREWDRIVER:  #183

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