Sonic Screwdriver #177 ~ May 2010



With the departure of RUSSELL T DAVIES, and David Tennant we celebrate the RTD Years including reviews of every episode.

DOWNLOAD the Magazine to View as Two Page View with Show Cover Page Separately for best viewing experience:

SONIC SCREWDRIVER #177 also included MANUEL BOUW’s Original Fan Comic 1.4 ~ Mission From Mars:

Between SONIC SCREWDRIVER #176 and #177 we released a special 5 Doctors Original Fan Comic by MANUEL BOUW as a Promo Edition for Tricon 2010.

Original Fan Comic 1.3 included the four stories ~ The Stone Of Xonios ~ The Pawn of Time ~ Cloud 9 ~ Master Plan:

Previous Issue of SONIC SCREWDRIVER:  #176  Next Issue of SONIC SCREWDRIVER:  #178/179

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