They say it takes a village to raise a child …    it seems it takes a team to raise an author!

Hi, I’m MICHAEL YOUNG.  To get me to this point, on this day, it’s taken the input of many people, some very brave decisions on my part, and the always breathtaking guidance and synchronicity of the universe.

This BLOG is how I’ll track my journey.  I’ll share the stories and events that happen as I move ever forward as well as look back at what I went through to get here.  All in the hope you will be inspired to believe that your dreams can come true, just as mine do.

I will focus on two specific areas:

  • WRITING:   Featuring posts covering the categories of PRESENT, PAST and SYNCHRONICITY as I live my dream.
  • PROOFREADING/EDITING:   Featuring posts covering the various projects I take on to assist others with their writing journey.  (I just can’t help myself, I LOVE proofreading!)


The most amazing moment in my writing journey, so far?

That was when I held in my hands for the first time the book my story was published in.  BOLD is a beautiful collection of stories from older GLBTI people that was published in 2015 by Rag & Bone Man Press in Queensland, Australia.  I will never forget that feeling, I hope you will get to feel it too!

This is also about YOU!

I want you to feel free to share your thoughts, reactions, comments on what I post here.  Most importantly I want to know when you are inspired or moved by what I write here because that’s what keeps my writer’s heart pumping and keeps me focussed on the ‘long game’ that will achieve my goal of being a bestselling author.

So, please, come with me as I share the good, the bad, and the just plain crazy of my “Author’s Journey”.


With Love and Light,

Michael Young.







BOLD: Stories of Older LGBTI People edited by David Hardy.

ISBN:  9780992584504 from www.ragandboneman.org