Free The Innocents

The time has come to end the Trials and Tribulations of the Innocents. 
The Jury may now Rise, we Thank You for your Service.
The time has come to Remove the Rulers, and to Free their Slaves.
The Unjustified Struggles, the Un-earned Pain, the endless Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth upon this Globe.  Hell on Earth is now CLOSED, Never to Re-open.

Stand with Me, Accept your Infinite Power, Take Up the Mantle of Responsibility, Dress for the Final Battle, this is for the Planet, this is For the People, By the People.

Stand In Your TRUTH, hold the Crystal Sphere in your Left Hand, hold it high and Catch the SUN.
Stand in Your Righteousness, hold your Staff in your Right Hand, raise it up high and Slam it Down upon the Earth, Three Times.

As you do so, Speak the Word of Power, Three Times, with ALL your Conviction and Passion:
With that, see the Energy Wave of LIBERATION Ripple out to Resonate around the Globe.
As you see it go forth from you, see it also return unto you and Know that All the Warriors have joined with You in Reclaiming our True Reality and Anchoring it back upon this Planet of Exquisite Beauty and Abundance.

As the Energy Waves ripple through each other, Intersecting and Overlapping until the Realm is Saturated with the Resonance of True Freedom, Feel the Power flow into your Crystal Sphere and see it begin to Glow. 

Allow the Glow to Intensify until it Shines with the Blinding Brightness of Alcyone, far too Bright for your Eyes to bear.  Allow the Glow to Penetrate every Particle of your Being… then RELEASE!

And with that…


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