SALVATION is a 13 episode season on Netflix about an asteroid heading to destroy Earth. 

The tech geniuses, played by Santiago Cabera and Charlie Rowe, have to fight the government and a group of young, deluded hackers to save the planet.  With some help on the inside they get close to success but the traitors, also on the inside, have their own agenda.

Strong and charismatic performances support a story of twists, turns and intrigue.

Thrilled that we will have Season 2 in late 2018.


9 asteroids out of 10

Salv 1


Victoria S2 E6


VICTORIA Season 2 Episode 6.  In general I love this series from BBC with Jenna Coleman playing the role of her lifetime exceptionally, a stellar cast, great writing and exceptional production values.

However, Season 2 Episode 6: FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY was the most brilliant episode of TV Drama I have seen in a long time.  This episode is about the Irish Potato Famine of the mid 19th Century and the courage of Dr Robert Traill.

Series creator and writer, Daisy Goodwin, deserves to win awards for her amazing work on this episode.  Also beautifully directed by Jim Loath.  I was reduced to tears several times.

10 Potatoes out of 10.

Season 2:


Vic 2 a

Season 1&2:

Vic 1 2 a

Empire/ This Is Us


EMPIRE/ THIS IS US.  Both shows have returned for another season but they were really struggling to hold my attention.  Then suddenly with Episode 6 they both returned to the standard of their previous seasons and blew me away.  I question how it can take six episodes of a series before the endless list of producers realise that they are getting it wrong.  Is that how long they take to get our viewer feedback and make the needed changes?

Well, they are back on form and even reducing me to tears again in Ep 6 & 7 of THIS IS US.

UPDATE:  Jan 2018:  THIS IS US Episode 10 was so unengaging, dull and weakly written that I am now DUMPING this series for good!

Emp 1

This 1

Crisis On Earth X



CRISIS ON EARTH X is one of the best 170 minutes of TV I’ve seen in a long time.

A combined story over one week’s episodes of Supergirl, Arrow, Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow.  The CW, Warner Bros., Greg Berlanti (my hero), Andrew Kreisberg (now fired due to sexual harassment claims) and the team have created a brilliant cross-over storyline that adds new life to all four shows.

One of the biggest statements of the story is the Lesbian one-night stand, and the Gay kiss-of-the-century between out gay actors WENTWORTH MILLER and RUSSELL TOVEY.  The other statement is the Nazi victory in WW2 on Earth X which is also a big nod to the recent powerful series Man In The High Castle.

Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow had lost me as a viewer in their current seasons, Supergirl has me just hanging on, and Arrow still has me hooked.

9 Superheroes out of 10!


Crisis X 2








The Carrington’s are back!

Blake has just become engaged to Crystal.  Fallon is still a bitch and Steven is still gay.  The Colby’s are black, Sami Jo is a hottie, and Blake is more ruthless than before while Crystal is a fire cracker this time around… and it is ON for young and old.  Alan ‘Everywhere’ Dale is Anders, the butler and that’s what I call a Mansion!

A cross between the original Dynasty, 90210 and Revenge … the CW could be onto another winner with this one.


8 Champagnes out of 10



Wisdom Of The Crowd


Wisdom Of The Crowd is a surprisingly addictive new show from CBS about a tech savvy father who creates new technology to find the person who murdered his daughter despite the police already having convicted their suspect.  Jeffrey Tanner, perfectly played by Jeremy Piven who amazed me as Mr Selfrigde in the series of the same, creates the SOPHE Crowd Tec app to challenge the system getting new evidence from, potentially, every mobile user in the name country.

The launch of the app is a big success but the answer to his question is not so easily found as the more they learn from the app obsessed followers the more question get raised.  The police are initially reluctant to allow Tanner to have any say in investigations but the ‘will of the crowd’ change their response.

A brilliant idea, a potentially dangerous creation.  Great cast, fast pace, beautifully executed.


8 champagnes out of 10. 


Wisdom 2

Arrow, Supergirl, Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow


All four of these CW series have returned for another season.  In most cases, I am wondering why!

ARROW is the longest running of these and it is, for me, still the most engaging thanks to the brooding masculinity of the star Stephen Amell.

SUPERGIRL was brilliant in its first season on ABC with Calista Flockhart as the ‘boss from hell’ Cat Grant, a considerable amount of the SFX budget was spent on CGI to remove all her wrinkles, I loved it.  Season Two on the CW meant no more Cat Grant, apart from brief guest spots, but brought in some familiar faces from previous superhero series like Linda Carter (Wonder Woman), Teri Hatcher (Lois Lane from Lois & Clark) and Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor (Morgana from Merlin).  They even introduced a new Superman played by the stunningly handsome Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf, sadly we saw very little of him and he didn’t get his own series … yet!  Season Three is so far not working for me at all.  BRING BACK CALISTA!

FLASH spun off from Arrow a few years ago.  Last season was too confusing and this season looks to be even more so.  Too much time travel, alternate realities, and screwed up futures.  Sorry … you have lost me!

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW spun off from Arrow and Flash with a collection of characters and some good actors including the boys from Prison Break, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell.  The main star was Arthur Darvill (Rory from Dr Who) but he was disappointing and unconvincing as Rip Hunter.  Saldy, it was all too chaotic and the time travel element made it too easy to keep saving the day and screwing up the future.  They lost me part way through season one and I see no reason why they should have yet another season to waste money better spent on something new and NOT comic related!

4 champagnes out of 10.  







The Good Doctor


Freddie Highmore was excellent in BATES MOTEL as the young Norman Bates.  Now that brilliant series is over, he is back in his own new show called THE GOOD DOCTOR.  In this show he is astounding!

He is a young surgeon doing his residency but his life and relationships are complicated by his severe Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The show has drama, humour, charm and empathy.

A winner!

9 Champagnes out of 10!

NOV 2017:  Episode 7 where he encounteres a young patient with Autism is exceptional.  I learned so much about a disorder which, to those living with it, see it as normal.

Good D 1





My favourite new show of 2016 was, without doubt, RIVERDALE.

River 2

The CW, my favourite network, ‘made my day (week, year)’ with this surprise gem.

Based on the famous ARCHIE comics, the entire gang… Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, Cheryl, Josie & The Pussycats … are brought to life in 2017 Riverdale.  Murder, drugs, high school teen angst and beautiful people everywhere makes for an addictive weekly escape.  Great to see that Kevin is openly gay as well.


10 remotes out of 10.

Season 2 of RIVERDALE premieres in the US on 11October2017! 




STAR TREK: Discovery


New Trek For A New Generation

STAR TREK: Discovery has launched with a two part premiere.

Discovery 1

Now in the hands on Netflix and CBS the latest incarnation of the 60’s classic SciFi is a visual feast with state of the art effects (Captain Kirk will be SO jealous).  I didn’t even realise that it was being made!

The most obvious improvement is the portrayal of the Klingons with their new upgraded costumes and prosthetics making them a more believable enemy.  I have never been a fan of klingons and the endless subtitles when they are speaking is still a pain.

The new crew are an interesting and engaging bunch.  I was not convinced by the Captain’s performance in these first two episodes and want her gone.

May this new Star Trek series “live long and prosper”!

8 “Kinigons on the starboard bow” out of 10.  (It isn’t Dr Who, after all)


UPDATE: 24Oct2017:  

Star Trek: Discovery continues to deliver the best of the TV franchise.  The SFX are exceptional; the updated sets, ships and costumes are excellent.  The opening titles are brilliant.  There are also two major characters who are a gay couple with at lest a 15 year age gap between them.  One of the other characters is also Spock’s adopted sibling so it is now clear that this series is set before the first original Star Trek series.

UPDATE: 2Nov2017:  

Star Trek: Discovery episode 7 blew me away!  A brilliant timey-wimey tale featuring one of the gay characters.