A Billion Children Cry

Take my hand, hold my heart, see the sun my friend,
No matter how cold or dark the night, it’s sure to rise again!
And when we live in our Brave New World of peace and calm and light,
We’ll soon forget the pain we shared when all the Wrongs turn Right.
But we must not be let pretend,
We must not deny,
We must not forget again,
A billion children’s cry!
I know that you have had your fill of waiting for that day,
Frustration echoes through the land as towers start to sway.
The final battle soon shall pass, the bolt-holes die in flames,
The blood is seen on ALL their hands, as justice calls their names.
Then we must not be let pretend,
We must not deny,

We must not forget again,
A billion children’s cry!
Never doubt what you know down deep, never hide the pain,
Never let such Evil rise, to rule our Worlds again.
For we must not be let pretend,
We must not deny,
We must not ignore again,
A billion children’s cry!

Michael Young ~ 24.9.2021


4:44 – Something is amiss, something is ill-advised,
Hold the line, try to resist, to act would not be wise.
Time is fleeting, time is a slave to the dreams of men and the hearts of fools.
Time is a dream that we forget we are dreaming, and a curse that will be our tool.
To take on the challenge, to bring down the King, and to write a brave new song,
Of hope and love, and life, and hear the joy of freedom ring on.


The Great Charter

The Great Charter was Created to protect you from Despots and Dictators.
It is a Shield and a Sword.
Those with the Skills must now take them up. 

With your Wisdom you must Wield them in Confidence and Dexterity against Them.
Their Dictates and Mandates are Immoral and Devious, Unjustified and Unlawful.
The Power of the Words you are given is Creative and Infinite.

They will be swiftly crushed beneath them when applied for the Many to regain their Freedom.
Do it now, for the Time of their Destruction is at hand.
THIS is the Final Battleground.  This is Their Armageddon.
The TRUTH will Prevail!
The Greater Law will Always Prevail!

~ Merlin!

Tantrums and Towers

Tantrums and Towers.
Twisting and Turning Truth and Freedom into Lies and Slavery.
Why would anyone Question, why would anyone Doubt, the Collusion, in the Blanket of Dust and Lies that descends over the World.  Smoke and Mirrors, where there’s Smoke, there’s surely a Fire.
Bring them All down, the Numbers all align in the Emergency, they must stay Controlled.

The Blue Lightning strikes …1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in quick succession. Layer, upon layer, upon layer, the Blood Sacrifice will only serve to strengthen their Self-Serving powerplay.
Pointing their fingers in the Wrong Direction.  The Scapegoat was in agreement, the Deal was struck long before the Execution, the Players were carefully, strategically positioned, to playout their Scripted parts in
this Hollywood Illusion, this Slight of Hand.

The incessant Chanting and Beating of their Chests distracts the Millions, increasing the Fear hour by hour, to intensify the Heavy Energy of their Distraction. There is no Limit to what they will do to maintain their grip, over the Sleeping Masses, no cost too great to stop the Gift from being Given, to deny the Freedom that was legally, rightfully Won.

Follow the Money, it’s always, all about the money, even though the money is of no more True Value or substance than paper blowing in the wind.  And about the Power that is Stolen, Unlawful, and Undeserved.

The whispers grow into a roar but the masses choose to buy into the Illusion.  They willingly surrender their Freedom for Fear and Domination in the name of a False Security and the Lie that is less painful to believe than the Brutal Truth… the true Evil is on the Inside, smiling so convincingly as he lies to All, even to Himself, perpetuating the Narrative that was Scripted, Delivered beforehand, and Performed by the Puppets with Soulless Conviction.

The unwitting are still unwilling now that the Storyline has changed, but the Writer and Director remain the same… behind the scenes they keep churning out the Dreamspell. They must have your Compliance, they must have your Free Will, they must have your Worship or they will cease to exist.

NOTHING they show you is Real, unless you CHOOSE to believe it and give it Substance and Weight and Credence and Honour.

CHOOSE to Question.  BREAK the Spell. 
Bring Them Down.  Set YOURSELF Free!

Free The Innocents

The time has come to end the Trials and Tribulations of the Innocents. 
The Jury may now Rise, we Thank You for your Service.
The time has come to Remove the Rulers, and to Free their Slaves.
The Unjustified Struggles, the Un-earned Pain, the endless Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth upon this Globe.  Hell on Earth is now CLOSED, Never to Re-open.

Stand with Me, Accept your Infinite Power, Take Up the Mantle of Responsibility, Dress for the Final Battle, this is for the Planet, this is For the People, By the People.

Stand In Your TRUTH, hold the Crystal Sphere in your Left Hand, hold it high and Catch the SUN.
Stand in Your Righteousness, hold your Staff in your Right Hand, raise it up high and Slam it Down upon the Earth, Three Times.

As you do so, Speak the Word of Power, Three Times, with ALL your Conviction and Passion:
With that, see the Energy Wave of LIBERATION Ripple out to Resonate around the Globe.
As you see it go forth from you, see it also return unto you and Know that All the Warriors have joined with You in Reclaiming our True Reality and Anchoring it back upon this Planet of Exquisite Beauty and Abundance.

As the Energy Waves ripple through each other, Intersecting and Overlapping until the Realm is Saturated with the Resonance of True Freedom, Feel the Power flow into your Crystal Sphere and see it begin to Glow. 

Allow the Glow to Intensify until it Shines with the Blinding Brightness of Alcyone, far too Bright for your Eyes to bear.  Allow the Glow to Penetrate every Particle of your Being… then RELEASE!

And with that…


The Clown


5:55 – It’s Wake Up Time!
Don’t worry about the “Clown”, he’s going Down.
The Dogs Of War are at their Door, the Liberation of Planet Earth is upon us.
It will be Glorious!

The Release will be NOW – It just needs to phase through the “Veil” into your Reality, but all will be Well!  ALL will be taken care of – all the little secret plans of the Righteous Ones, the Gifted Ones, the Gift Givers,
will become, as if by a Strange Magic, a part of your new Reality.  Indeed, It is already here, and you are all doing in small ways now, what you will be doing to a much greater and more Influential extent in the next days.

Don’t despair, don’t fret, don’t worry – Don’t Sweat the Little Things.  Because the “Source” of All Things is the Source of you as well, the Source IS your Strength, and your Light, and is YOU as well.

We are ONE.  All is One, the Shadow and the Light – ONE!   All is One, and one cannot exist in this Dimension and Reality without the Other – but the BALANCE must change on your World – The Balance must change, will change, is Now Changing in this very Moment.

REJOICE!   It is now 2:45 and 5:45 and that which you hold a Cautious Hope for will, within Mere Minutes, be Rapidly Blown  OUT OF PROPORTION  to your Cautious Expectations – the TRUTH that is revealed will So Far Exceed ANYONE’S Imaginings that the Wave of Joy will cause the Great Bell to Sound, to Resonate with Uplifting Song, from the Power of the Wave that FLOODS the Globe.

It is Here, It is Done, It is All Real, it is a Wonder to Behold for You and Your kind.
The “others” will remain immune, but the “Hell” will end for All, and the 1% have taken their Final Fall.

LIFE is come Home to Stay!
LIGHT is come Home to Stay!

Joy, Kindness, Sharing, Equality, Balance, Non-judgement, Life. 
The Light and Love are now the TRUTH of Life on this Globe. And So It Shall Always BE!

Rejoice!  The Victory Song can NOW Be Sung!
Rejoice!  Celebrate the Beginning of the Great Work that is to Come.
Love and Light of the One True Source.  

This Moment




This time of joy or anguish

within this lifetime

is nothing more than

a moment

within a moment

within eternity.


A teardrop

that falls into a river

that flows into an ocean.

A flame

that becomes a firestorm

that quickly burns itself out.


I can choose to stand outside of this moment

and see it from a distant future

I feel it as a gift from time

only another ticking of the clock.


We dwell on the past

We plan and fear the future

When all we really have

is just this moment.


And all we need is now…


This moment

within a moment

within eternity.


© Michael Young 2019

Shurri 3



When it comes to my spiritual journey, the Universe always puts the perfect book in front of me at the very moment I need it… the moment my spirit can finally resonate with the life-changing revelations held within.

The most recent gift of perfect universal timing was OUT ON A LIMB by SHIRLEY MacLAINE!

             “Maybe one human soul was everything. And such a reality was up to each of us to relearn. Maybe the tragedy of the human race was that we had forgotten that we were each divine. And if we realised that, we could dispel fear from our lives. In dispelling fear, we could dispel hate. And much more. With the fear we would rid ourselves of greed and war and killing. Fear was the root and circle around which our lives revolved – fear of failure, fear of pain, fear of humiliation, fear of loneliness, of being unloved, of ourselves, fear of death, ultimately fear of fear.

              “Fear itself was insidious, infectious, seeping in from one point of unreality to permeate all our lives. Perhaps our belief in death was the gravest unreality of all. If we could truly know that we never really died, that we always got another chance, that no pain, no humiliation, no loss, was ever final, total and forever, maybe we could understand that there was nothing to fear. It could be that human beings were using their talent for complexity as an excuse to avoid the responsibility for being what we really understood we were from the beginning – basically part of what we called “God”, and without limitation masters of our own divine potential.

              “Perhaps reality was only what one believed it to be anyway. That would make all perceived realities real. Maybe that was the lesson I was learning – learning to think with unlimitedness… to believe that one can do anything, soar anywhere, become everything.”    ~ Shirley MacLaine 1983.    


Fear, that debilitating affliction, is simply not real… we create it ourselves and allow it to control us. There is nothing to fear but fear itself because it is our own self-destruction.

Of course, the real struggle is making these revelations a living part of my daily existence… the desire to stay unchanged is always strong and to want to remain in a familiar and safe place is very human.

I’ve seen from past experience, however, that when these books are handed to me I do eventually learn much of what was intended.


~ Michael Young 2019 



PLEASE… READ THE BOOK… BEFORE you watch the movie below.  😉 










I realised today that I have lost my belief in myself.


When it comes to other people, in particular their writing, I have a gift of encouraging them to try, to keep going, to succeed. Three people have now gone on to write more than one fiction book because of my support and gentle encouragement.  In that same time, I have only written part of my first fiction, and it has laid untouched for over a year.


I feel lost.  I need someone to do for me what I do for others. To guide me, support me, challenge me, encourage me… to be a ‘team’ with me. I can’t motivate myself… I’m just not that kind of person.


I can’t ‘sell’ myself as one of my writer friends can. She takes on new courses or challenges so often and it leads her to results. She is inspiring! She has this amazing belief in herself.  I don’t have that same belief in myself. She goes out there boldly and finds a way to open up opportunities for herself and others.  I’m not brave like that. She has been the reason for most of what I’ve done to edit and publish stories for others and books for some. Now she is moving away after 7 years. 


When I was at school, many years ago, I was explosively creative. Writing plays, a movie script, filming part of the script. I wanted to be a TV Director and Producer, so I applied for NIDA… once. Instead of applying again until I was accepted, I got a boring job in a Bank and that was the end of it. 


I had no-one there to encourage me to try again. Just that one person who believed in me and in my dreams was all I needed to keep me going, but they were not there. I still need that now, more than ever.


I would say the most creative I have been recently was the five years I edited the Sonic Screwdriver Magazine for the Doctor Who Club of Victoria. What I achieved then was amazing, but it only happened because I had another person working with me as a partner. Just as there would never have been any ABBA songs if Benny and Bjorn had not been led to work together, the same is true for what we did with that magazine. That’s how I work best, as part of a team of two, sometimes more.


Maybe it’s just me struggling to see ‘the wood for the trees’ as they say.  Maybe my eyes have slipped below the waterline and I’m struggling to get my head back above water.  Maybe it all seems and feels far worse than it really is…


But one thing is clear; I need someone to believe in me now. Someone to believe in my gifts, show enthusiasm for what I write and create, to gently support and encourage me to succeed. 


I do it for others. Is it too much to ask that someone does the same for me?


Michael Young 2019



You walk into the room and sit at a table nearby

A businessman here for a business meeting

A face so handsome you draw my eye

Stylishly dressed and confident


A smile that is bright, imperfect and yet perfect

Eyes so beautiful as I meet them, and you look away

A wedding ring on your finger, what a lucky girl!


Somewhere around 40, I think

Light grey jacket, dark grey pants, light brown shoes

A bright white shirt with grey stripe tie

No hint of grey in your conservatively styled brown hair

Lightly tanned skin, beautiful brown eyes

A hint of hair on your forearm promises a masculine hairy chest


We catch each other looking again and again

You try to concentrate on the business at hand

I can see you are a little distracted


I can’t concentrate on what I’m here to do

So I write this ode to you

I watch your lips as you speak

I may never know your name

I may never see you again


I will always remember your handsome face

I will recall your masculine voice

You might visit me in my dreams sometime

I might visit you in yours

We might never meet


One of us will have to leave soon

Both of us have to move on


No, I will never see you again

But this hour we have shared

In this crowded room

I will cherish our time together


© Michael Young 2019