Sonic Screwdriver #185 ~ Feb 2012



Was I talking about the show, or was I talking about Sonic? Turned out to be about both, although I was intending to keep going at the time. Thankfully, after a break, Sonic Screwdriver managed to survive without me and is still going strong today! A return to the usual format here.

DOWNLOAD the Magazine to View as Two Page View with Show Cover Page Separately for best viewing experience:

News Insert for #185 – Stop Press! New companion revealed:

SONIC SCREWDRIVER #185 also included MANUEL BOUW’s Original Fan Comic 2.1 ~ Back and Forth:


Previous Issue of SONIC SCREWDRIVER:  #184 

View the Amazing Collection of Giveaway and Promo Material I created HERE!

The Next Generation of SONIC SCREWDRIVER after Me ~ coming soon!

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