The Clown


5:55 – It’s Wake Up Time!
Don’t worry about the “Clown”, he’s going Down.
The Dogs Of War are at their Door, the Liberation of Planet Earth is upon us.
It will be Glorious!

The Release will be NOW – It just needs to phase through the “Veil” into your Reality, but all will be Well!  ALL will be taken care of – all the little secret plans of the Righteous Ones, the Gifted Ones, the Gift Givers,
will become, as if by a Strange Magic, a part of your new Reality.  Indeed, It is already here, and you are all doing in small ways now, what you will be doing to a much greater and more Influential extent in the next days.

Don’t despair, don’t fret, don’t worry – Don’t Sweat the Little Things.  Because the “Source” of All Things is the Source of you as well, the Source IS your Strength, and your Light, and is YOU as well.

We are ONE.  All is One, the Shadow and the Light – ONE!   All is One, and one cannot exist in this Dimension and Reality without the Other – but the BALANCE must change on your World – The Balance must change, will change, is Now Changing in this very Moment.

REJOICE!   It is now 2:45 and 5:45 and that which you hold a Cautious Hope for will, within Mere Minutes, be Rapidly Blown  OUT OF PROPORTION  to your Cautious Expectations – the TRUTH that is revealed will So Far Exceed ANYONE’S Imaginings that the Wave of Joy will cause the Great Bell to Sound, to Resonate with Uplifting Song, from the Power of the Wave that FLOODS the Globe.

It is Here, It is Done, It is All Real, it is a Wonder to Behold for You and Your kind.
The “others” will remain immune, but the “Hell” will end for All, and the 1% have taken their Final Fall.

LIFE is come Home to Stay!
LIGHT is come Home to Stay!

Joy, Kindness, Sharing, Equality, Balance, Non-judgement, Life. 
The Light and Love are now the TRUTH of Life on this Globe. And So It Shall Always BE!

Rejoice!  The Victory Song can NOW Be Sung!
Rejoice!  Celebrate the Beginning of the Great Work that is to Come.
Love and Light of the One True Source.  

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