STAR TREK: Discovery


New Trek For A New Generation

STAR TREK: Discovery has launched with a two part premiere.

Discovery 1

Now in the hands on Netflix and CBS the latest incarnation of the 60’s classic SciFi is a visual feast with state of the art effects (Captain Kirk will be SO jealous).  I didn’t even realise that it was being made!

The most obvious improvement is the portrayal of the Klingons with their new upgraded costumes and prosthetics making them a more believable enemy.  I have never been a fan of klingons and the endless subtitles when they are speaking is still a pain.

The new crew are an interesting and engaging bunch.  I was not convinced by the Captain’s performance in these first two episodes and want her gone.

May this new Star Trek series “live long and prosper”!

8 “Kinigons on the starboard bow” out of 10.  (It isn’t Dr Who, after all)


UPDATE: 24Oct2017:  

Star Trek: Discovery continues to deliver the best of the TV franchise.  The SFX are exceptional; the updated sets, ships and costumes are excellent.  The opening titles are brilliant.  There are also two major characters who are a gay couple with at lest a 15 year age gap between them.  One of the other characters is also Spock’s adopted sibling so it is now clear that this series is set before the first original Star Trek series.

UPDATE: 2Nov2017:  

Star Trek: Discovery episode 7 blew me away!  A brilliant timey-wimey tale featuring one of the gay characters.

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