Victoria & Abdul


With a free ticket to the local cinema about to expire, I found the only currently showing title of any interest to me was VICTORIA & ABDUL.  I knew nothing about the movie other than the adds and my enjoyment of the TV series Victoria.  I am so thankful I chose this movie.

The story is so beautifully crafted, the script played my emotions like a symphony through many waves of laughter, anger and tears.  I was not alone with my tears as it seemed everyone in the cinema was moved by this gem of a movie … except for the old fool near me who was snoring during the most important part of the dialogue and his wife’s phone rang then as well … some people just have no dignity or consideration!

Dame Judi Dench and Ali Fazal were mesmerising.  Stephen Frears’ direction is faultless.  The other cast were amazing and included the final performance by the now late Tim Pigott-Smith who I first saw in the 1976 Doctor Who episodes The Masque Of Mandragora.   

I loved this movie and I loved how it moved me.

10 Champagnes out of 10!

VA 1













We know the basic story from the news back in 2009 but this is the real people and the drama that made an experienced but humble pilot into an international hero.  With Tom Hanks in the lead role and Clint Eastwood directing it was bound to be a quality movie.  More than that, SULLY is an engaging and tense drama that made me angry at the ‘establishment’ for trying to ‘blame’ him for actually saving everyone’s life and doing what was previously impossible.

8 Champagnes out of 10!



The Great Wall


Not GREAT At All


After all the hype for this movie at the cinema I thought this would be a good night’s entertainment.

Wrong!  What a waste of 100’s of millions of dollars.

The CGI and costumes were excellent but it lacked the most important, basic element … a compelling or even interesting story.  This crap should never have been made and the money better spent on feeding the poor or housing the homeless.  Sometimes Hollywood can have its head so far up its own ass that it is just an embarrassment.  No movie deserves to get even to production stage without a powerful, compelling, engaging script.

We gave up 30 minutes into it and I’m going to throw it in the bin, doesn’t deserve to be in my library.  Thank god I only paid $8 for it on special.

Stupid choice to do Matt Damon, not even you could save this wreck.


2 Champaignes out of 10.