Sonic Screwdriver #180 ~ Dec 2010



Another amazing cover of Doctor Who cast reading copies of the magazines that I created…  Silvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Sophie Aldred.  Exclusive to DWCV interviews with Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Bonnie Langford thanks to our wonderful Manuel Bouw. In other areas, the cracks are beginning to show… how the hell did we keep going for over another year?

DOWNLOAD the Magazine to View as Two Page View with Show Cover Page Separately for best viewing experience:

SONIC SCREWDRIVER #180 also included MANUEL BOUW’s Original Fan Comic 1.6 ~ Feast Of The Tetraps:


Previous Issue of SONIC SCREWDRIVER:  #178/179  Next Issue of SONIC SCREWDRIVER:  #181/182

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