Netflix has released all 10 episodes of the new reboot of LOST IN SPACE.

Currently up to episode 4, I’m very impressed.


I missed the cameo by Billy Mummy in episode 1 because I was more focused on seeing that Dr Smith is a female in this version.  I was actually distracted by my partner’s very vocal response to this realisation; he was also unimpressed that the new Dr Who is a female.  I don’t share his concerns but I do admit that the TV series of Van Helsing was destroyed because they chose to make the lead a female instead of a male.

LOST IN SPACE looks like it will be a great ride… just not as brilliant as the ultimate SciFi competition from this year, STAR TREK Discovery… still the best new SciFi series since Westworld.


8 “Danger, Will Robinsons” out of 10




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