To celebrate the 60th ANNIVERSARY of DOCTOR WHO in 2023, I have uploaded all the SONIC SCREWDRIVER MAGAZINES that I created from 2008 to 2012 for the DOCTOR WHO CLUB of VICTORIA. 

I Edited, Proofread, Wrote, and Designed these Magazines, along with IAN A CHAPMAN, our brilliant artist MANUEL BOUW, and a list of other wonderful contributors. I am very proud of what we created together. It was amazing, exhausting, obsessive and better than I ever imagined I could do. Having now looked over these amazing creations after an 11-year break, I am astounded that we were able to achieve what we did. 

It is not a one-person job and working as a Team made it all possible. But more importantly, was having the support and encouragement of others which made us feel appreciated and motivated. Like all Clubs, there are those who sit on their lazy asses, criticise everything that the few hard-working productive ones do, and it eventually wears the “workers” down. As time moved on, it was that lack of help and excess of negative comments from a very few in the “idiot’s gallery” that ultimately brought our time of creative wildfire to an end. I also started a GLBTIQ Community Group called Wyndham Rainbow Neighbours in March, just after Issue 185 was published, and then my mother passed away in April so I needed a break from creating Sonic… I eventually realised that I no longer “felt the Magic” to continue, so I moved on and I offer my enduring gratitude to Richard Nolan for taking over the work.   

The thing about Clubs and Committees is: “The more things change… the more they stay the same!”  😉

Michael Young ~ 2023

Click here to see the Issues starting with #165