Revolving Door


Revolving Door.


Sometimes life feels like it has a revolving door.

People come and go. 

Sometimes they stay for a while. 

Sometimes they are gone without a chance to say goodbye.

Yet, always there are words unsaid, emotions unexpressed, and truth held back.


So rarely does anyone tell another person the whole truth because we all lie those so-called ‘little white lies’ using the excuse that we are ‘protecting’ the other from hurt or disappointment. 

Yet we are really just protecting ourselves from the fallout of the ‘truth bombs’ that we are too afraid to drop…


I love you… BOOM!

I hate you… BOOM!

I am leaving… BOOM!

I need you to go… BOOM!

I feel dead inside… BOOM!

I want you to stay… BOOM!

I won’t see you again… BOOM!

I feel you’re using me… BOOM!

I feel you let me down… BOOM!

I can’t tell you the truth… BOOM!

I am tired of your games… BOOM!

I think you are obsessed… BOOM!

I am afraid I will lose you… BOOM!

I don’t love you anymore… BOOM!

I don’t find you attractive… BOOM!

I only want a holiday fling… BOOM!

I know you are lying to me… BOOM!

I can’t get you out of my head…BOOM!

I am only here because of you… BOOM!

I think of you when I’m with him… BOOM!

I can’t accept you don’t want me… BOOM!

I get scared by what you say and do… BOOM!

I hate you more often than I love you… BOOM!

I feel you are playing games with me… BOOM!

I can’t bear to be around you, it hurts… BOOM!

I have to keep professional boundaries… BOOM!

I don’t trust myself to be alone with you… BOOM!

I think you’re afraid to be alone with me… BOOM!

I don’t believe anything you say anymore… BOOM!

I think of someone else when I’m with you… BOOM!

I know there is something you’re not telling me… BOOM!

I would never see you again if the money ran out… BOOM!

I want to tear down these professional boundaries… BOOM!

I think you’ll realise you wasted this opportunity when it’s too late… BOOM!

Tick! Tick! Tick!… BOOM!


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