Wisdom Of The Crowd


Wisdom Of The Crowd is a surprisingly addictive new show from CBS about a tech savvy father who creates new technology to find the person who murdered his daughter despite the police already having convicted their suspect.  Jeffrey Tanner, perfectly played by Jeremy Piven who amazed me as Mr Selfrigde in the series of the same, creates the SOPHE Crowd Tec app to challenge the system getting new evidence from, potentially, every mobile user in the name country.

The launch of the app is a big success but the answer to his question is not so easily found as the more they learn from the app obsessed followers the more question get raised.  The police are initially reluctant to allow Tanner to have any say in investigations but the ‘will of the crowd’ change their response.

A brilliant idea, a potentially dangerous creation.  Great cast, fast pace, beautifully executed.


8 champagnes out of 10. 



Wisdom 2

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