Designated Survivor


My other favourite new show of 2016, apart from Riverdale, was DESIGNATED SURVIVOR.  Had me hooked from the start and I was thrilled when it received a full season.

Now the team is back for Season 2, minus Aussie actor Ashley Zukerman (Rush & The Code), and it’s still brilliant.  Kiefer Sutherland and all the cast are exceptional and makes it even more engaging than my old political favourite, Madam Secretary.

9 Champagnes out of 10.

UPDATE:  Jan 2018:  Season 2 Episode 10… OMG!  It had me, literally, screaming in shock.  Astounding TV!

DS 1



I was sceptical when they announced the return of previous hit WILL & GRACE which previously survived for 8 Seasons from the late 1990’s.  I didn’t need to be … this is a winner for season 9.

Will, Grace, Jack & Karen are back with a vengeance.  Fast, sharp, whity, sarcastic, politically incorrect, and just damn good fun.  They don’t look a day older than we last saw them and the energy and talent they put into every episode is amazing.  I miss Rosario.

9 Champagnes out of 10.

WG 1

FIRST DRAFT: Engle Byen Book 2


If it wasn’t already exciting enough for me to know that DAVID GOLDON’s first fiction, ENGLE BYEN: A Place To Call Home is being released next month … I have just read through the first draft of his follow up book THE ROAD TO ENGLE BYEN.

In the second book in the Engle Byen series we are treated to the prequel to the first story.  Most of my questions about the first book are answered and a bunch of new questions are brought up as well as some amazing new characters.

It may only be a ‘first draft’ but there were only a minimal number of things that needed to be reviewed.

I loved it and can’t wait to read the third book he is now writing.

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