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My favourite new show of 2016 was, without doubt, RIVERDALE.

River 2

The CW, my favourite network, ‘made my day (week, year)’ with this surprise gem.

Based on the famous ARCHIE comics, the entire gang… Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, Cheryl, Josie & The Pussycats … are brought to life in 2017 Riverdale.  Murder, drugs, high school teen angst and beautiful people everywhere makes for an addictive weekly escape.  Great to see that Kevin is openly gay as well.


10 remotes out of 10.

Season 2 of RIVERDALE premieres in the US on 11October2017! 




STAR TREK: Discovery


New Trek For A New Generation

STAR TREK: Discovery has launched with a two part premiere.

Discovery 1

Now in the hands on Netflix and CBS the latest incarnation of the 60’s classic SciFi is a visual feast with state of the art effects (Captain Kirk will be SO jealous).  I didn’t even realise that it was being made!

The most obvious improvement is the portrayal of the Klingons with their new upgraded costumes and prosthetics making them a more believable enemy.  I have never been a fan of klingons and the endless subtitles when they are speaking is still a pain.

The new crew are an interesting and engaging bunch.  I was not convinced by the Captain’s performance in these first two episodes and want her gone.

May this new Star Trek series “live long and prosper”!

8 “Kinigons on the starboard bow” out of 10.  (It isn’t Dr Who, after all)


UPDATE: 24Oct2017:  

Star Trek: Discovery continues to deliver the best of the TV franchise.  The SFX are exceptional; the updated sets, ships and costumes are excellent.  The opening titles are brilliant.  There are also two major characters who are a gay couple with at lest a 15 year age gap between them.  One of the other characters is also Spock’s adopted sibling so it is now clear that this series is set before the first original Star Trek series.

UPDATE: 2Nov2017:  

Star Trek: Discovery episode 7 blew me away!  A brilliant timey-wimey tale featuring one of the gay characters.




Final Edit


Just finished the final edit and proofing of DAVID GOLDON’S first book … ENGLE BYEN: A PLACE TO CALL HOME. 


No matter how many times I have worked through various sections separately, or read through the entire story from start to finish, this last full read through still managed to reduce me to tears at the end.  David is a great writer, this is a wonderful story.  I really want to see this as a movie or on TV … desperately.





Decided to go to my hairdresser this morning, on a whim, to get a shorter restyle.  No appointments so just drop by, queue and wait your turn.  I arrived there 15 minutes before they open so I could be first in.

He started cutting my hair, two others arrived after me and took a seat in the waiting area.  Then, this big, loud guy comes in, sits in the cutting chair next to me and interrupts the conversation I’m having with Steve, the hairdresser.  I understand immediately that he is loud because he is insecure but he still annoyed me.

Then Steve and I both realise that last time I was there, this same guy came in and sat in the same place and did the same thing … Steve was amazed.  I had the chance to explain to him that was just another example of the magical ‘synchronicity’ that happens in my life.  The universe’s way of showing me that I am exactly where I should be in my life journey.  LOVE IT!






The Great Wall


Not GREAT At All


After all the hype for this movie at the cinema I thought this would be a good night’s entertainment.

Wrong!  What a waste of 100’s of millions of dollars.

The CGI and costumes were excellent but it lacked the most important, basic element … a compelling or even interesting story.  This crap should never have been made and the money better spent on feeding the poor or housing the homeless.  Sometimes Hollywood can have its head so far up its own ass that it is just an embarrassment.  No movie deserves to get even to production stage without a powerful, compelling, engaging script.

We gave up 30 minutes into it and I’m going to throw it in the bin, doesn’t deserve to be in my library.  Thank god I only paid $8 for it on special.

Stupid choice to do Matt Damon, not even you could save this wreck.


2 Champaignes out of 10.